First, We'll Get On The Phone And go over what you've already got...

  • What are you selling & what is your idea?

  • What do your sales funnels look like?

  • How are you generating traffic/leads?

  • What are you doing on the back end?

  • What do you want to achieve moving forward?

Once we have those "raw materials", we'll focus on 3 things:


We assess your business and analyze all data to find out where is the problem or what is the idea 


We find the best solution to solve the problem or start coaching to build up your business


When your business starts to generate revenue and has structure, we introduce it to investors

If your business structure isn't right, you can't drive traffic...

If you can't drive traffic... you can't make money.

But if you get it right... then you can scale FAST!

Ryan Quit... Mike Didn't

What Were The Results?

Last year, Mike and Ryan came to one of my workshops in Berlin. The next day, both him and his friend joined the 'Weekly Coaching'... but the next week, his friend dropped out.

Where is Mike now (12 months later...) and where is his buddy? 
Mike tried hard, learned about the market, the potential of his business, challenges, optimized his pricing system, made very successful marketing funnel, expanded his network through events and trade fairs, recruited & trained a high-performance team for his own business .... he boosted his business 10X. 

Ryan is working for Mike.

Have you been thinking about "Weekly Training"? Maybe it's time to stop thinking and be like Mike... just start MOVING...

If you'd like to be where Mike is in the next 12 months - you better go apply NOW (cause spots are almost gone once again...)