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How to apply the Interactive Offer in any area of your Business: Startup, Intermediate, and Advanced. It is a comprehensive and advanced guide suitable for both beginners and advanced.

The 5 Most Important Tips:


  • How To Find Where Is the Starting Point.

  • How To Create Amazing Product or Service Which Fits the Market.

  • How To Compare Different Option and Choose The Best.

  • How To Design Marketing System Which is Automated and Draws Attention to Your Offers.

  • How to improve your networking and optimize your back office. 

About The Author

Soroush Sameti
​Soroush Sameti teaching product & service-based business owners how to turn their idea to a profitable business and make millions.

He is a coach, speaker, and business mentor, where he has designed his unique system to help entrepreneurs to understand all aspects of the business both online and offline.   

Soroush has created a system called The Golden Master Plan, where he believes people all around the world are able to follow their message, their calling, and their gift and convert it to a well automated monetized system with high performance and low risk.

He has devoted his 18-years business experience to transformation, inspiration, and helping others share their true message with the world.

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